Agile + DevOps East 2018 Concurrent Session : Leading Effectively in a Complex World
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Leading Effectively in a Complex World

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As a leader—be it a manager, team lead, or individual contributor—how do you know which leadership style is best? And how are decisions best made on the team? When, if ever, is a command-and-control style appropriate or even a “best practice”? What about collaborative consensus building? Should a single expert make the call, or should the team agree on everything? In this experiential workshop, Diane Zajac and Doc Norton will explore the complexity of work and examine how it maps to leadership and decision-making. You’ll learn when command-and-control is actually best versus when collaboration is most effective. Finally, Doc and Diane will teach you tools to improve your collaboration efforts. Return to the office a more aware leader, prepared to help your team have the highest impact through your effective leadership and decision-making.


Green Jeans Consulting

Several years ago, Diane traded a career in corporate America for a life of coaching, and she has never looked back. She now uses her experience to help groups, from Fortune 50 companies to the US government, transform their people into high-performing teams. Drawing from kanban, systems thinking, and psychology, Diane teaches teams to practically apply an agile mindset, and in the process, find joy in their work again. As a frequent conference presenter, Diane enjoys connecting with others who share her passion for continuous learning. She cochaired the Collaboration, Culture & Teams track for Agile 2014–2015 and was a program chair for Agile 2016–2017. She is also on the organizing committee for Agile & Beyond, an annual grassroots conference held near Detroit, MI. Her alter ego makes her thoughts transparent at

Doc Norton

Doc is passionate about working with teams to improve delivery and building great organizations. Once a dedicated code slinger, Doc has turned his energy toward helping teams, departments, and companies work better together in the pursuit of better software. Working with a wide range of companies such as Groupon, Nationwide Insurance, Belly, and many others, Doc has applied tenets of agile, lean, systems thinking, and servant leadership to develop highly effective cultures and drastically improve their ability to deliver valuable software and products.