Agile + DevOps East 2019 Concurrent Session : Build It, Buy It, or Both? An Engineering-Focused Approach to Security Tooling


Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Build It, Buy It, or Both? An Engineering-Focused Approach to Security Tooling

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The technology market is growing faster than the security tooling market that supports it. This puts security teams in difficult situations where the available tooling may only provide a partial solution to critical problems, so you may wonder: Do we buy it, build it, or both? This led Michelle Hodges's company to build an internal agile development team dedicated to creating custom security tooling for the various groups within the security and privacy organization. In weeks, they produced live products that enabled them to process data, show metrics, and automate work pipelines, all within one centralized location accessible by internal employees. In addition to saving money, they increased user experience by eliminating the exhaustion of managing various external tools. Join Michelle to learn what factors to consider when determining whether you should buy a tool or build one from scratch. You'll discover what tooling you need to deliver the right solutions rather than solutions that are just good enough.

Michelle Hodges
Red Ventures

Michelle Hodges is a platform security (DevSecOps) engineer at Red Ventures. Starting out managing operations at a fast-growing IT start-up, Michelle fell in love with tech and delved deep into learning back-end engineering. Today, her passion lies within writing code in Go, C#, and NodeJS, while also nerding out in cloud infrastructure, software patterns, and architecture. During her day-to-day, she also leads two agile teams of eight that focus on building security tooling. In her free time, Michelle and her husband created an open source application that assists penetration testers in deploying a mass amount of infrastructure for Red Teaming purposes. They presented their tool "hideNsneak" at Black Hat, Las Vegas, in 2018.