Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Semen Arslan

Semen Arslan

Senior Product Owner

Semen Cirit Arslan is working as a Sr. Product Owner at Metronom Berlin and has been helping teams for scaling agile, fighting with Agile Antipatterns, and improving metrics for successful products. Since 2009 she has been dealing with Open Source, Agile and Lean. She is a frequent speaker for the last 5 years and has given more than 25 talks including top conferences such as Agile Alliance XP, TopConf, and Agilia. Some of the conferences last 3 years: 2019 - Agile on the Beach - OKRs for Product Management - UK : 2019 - TopConf - Drastically reduce time and create accurate forecasts - Estonia 2019 - Software Product Summit (SPMS) - OKRs for Product Management - Frankfurt 2018 - Agile Alliance XP18 - Agile for Student Success - Minimum Viable Success - Portugal 2018 - Agile Days Istanbul - Agile in Education - Turkey