Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Megan Windle

Megan Windle

Agile Coach
Newport News Shipbuilding

Megan Windle is an Agile Coach, conference speaker, and the President of the Agile 757 meetup. Megan began conference speaking in 2018 and since then she’s presented at several conferences including Agile 2019, Lean Kanban North America 2019, Innovate Virginia 2019, and Agile DC 2018. She has also been accepted to speak at Agile 2020, in the near future. As an Agile Coach, Megan specializes in the people side of change. Her gentle approach has helped her successfully coach Agile resistant teams to high performance. Additionally, Megan wholeheartedly believes that happy teams SPARKLE with creativity and productivity.