Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: James Chatmas

James Chatmas

Principal Solutions Architect
Octupus Deploy

James Chatmas holds the position of Principal Solutions Architect at Octopus Deploy. His journey with the company began as a Senior Solutions Architect, and he has now been at the company for four years. With over 12 years of experience in the DevOps industry, James has honed his expertise in various aspects of software delivery and deployment. As the Principal Solutions Architect, James plays a pivotal role in optimizing CI/CD pipelines for Octopus Deploy's diverse range of customers, spanning from small businesses to large enterprises. His primary objective is to ensure that these customers achieve remarkable success in their continuous delivery efforts by harnessing the power of Octopus Deploy. By leveraging his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, James offers invaluable guidance and support to organizations as they navigate the intricacies of their software deployment processes.