Agile + DevOps East 2023 Industry Presentation : Digital Transformation Pitfalls, and How Cloud Development Environment Platforms Can Change Everything


Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:15am

Digital Transformation Pitfalls, and How Cloud Development Environment Platforms Can Change Everything

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Digital Transformation is a requirement to become Cloud Native in today’s digital world. Every company is a software company and it is critical for companies to adopt the best-in-class tools, technologies, and practices to release quality software and value to customers quicker.

Companies need to react quickly to supply chain disruptions and the time pressures of getting new products and features out to market and respond to customers’ rapidly changing expectations and requirements for flexibility and personalization.

But while digital transformation is one of the life rafts most organizations are desperately jumping into, it doesn't come without its own pitfalls. Platform engineering is one of the buzzwords in town to tackle some of those problems. And Cloud Development Environment Platforms are here to enhance the developer experience. Let's talk about it. 

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Mike Maheu


Clean code and IT leader with over 20 years in the technology industry, spanning topics such as application development, DevOps, infrastructure as code, cloud technologies, enterprise Java architecture, and security. A deep knowledge of J2EE coupled enterprise application solutions has given me tremendous experience in implementing a wide-range of solutions in large IT operations.

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Jobin Kuruvilla


Jobin Kuruvilla is a DevOps subject matter expert, and an experienced Atlassian solutions expert / App developer. Jobin has several certifications under his belt, including Atlassian products, GitLab, AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins to name a few, and has spearheaded setting up Agile processes and CI/CD pipelines for teams and enterprises. Author of the ground-breaking Jira Development Cookbook, a comprehensive book on Jira app development, and co-author of Jira Upgrade Handbook, Jobin is active in numerous user communities. He also co-hosts Adaptavist’s DevOps Decrypted Podcast, sharing tips & tricks to successful DevOps implementations.