Agile + DevOps East 2023 Industry Presentation : Case-Study - IT Delivery up to 70% faster. Coding at the Speed of Business: Impacts of Modernizing and Scaling the Developer Experience in a Large Bank


Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 3:45pm

Case-Study - IT Delivery up to 70% faster. Coding at the Speed of Business: Impacts of Modernizing and Scaling the Developer Experience in a Large Bank

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CTOs aim to improve developer productivity, often by expanding teams, changing vendors or enhancing tools.

However, a significant challenge lies in the developer's high cognitive load and the quality of the development process. On average, we've noted that it takes 2-3 weeks merely to complete the initial setup before any coding can begin.

We will take you on a live journey through StackSpot's transformative process in a large bank boasting 16,000 developers, 300,000 GitHub repositories, and a remarkable 18,000 monthly deployments. You'll witness the entire evolution, starting from CTO-led strategies to modernizing legacy systems and deploying applications in real-time.

With hyper-contextualized AI at the helm, developers achieve 50-70% faster coding - end-to-end.

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Rodrigo Pedrotti


I am a triathlete and most recently completed Ironman Waco. Aside from my athletic passions, I am an accomplished IT leader with over 13 years of experience in the IT services industry. I have helped to shape large enterprise client initiatives during my tenure. My industry expertise spans across numerous highly regulated verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Retail.

My primary focus as a Regional Director is to shepherd our clients’ vision from discovery through to delivery ensuring expectations are being properly communicated and valuable outcomes realized. Together with my technical delivery team, we help enterprises accelerate time to market through the refinement of development cycles, achieved by the adoption of DevOps, Cloud, Security, Data Analytics, and Generative AI.

I am a firm believer in uncovering a client’s true problem statement as early as possible in an effort to drive toward impactful change that can be measured and quantified.

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Rafael Demasi


Currently working as a Platform and Sales Engineer at StackSpot for nearly 2 years, Rafael Demasi has honed his skills in platform engineering, dedicating himself to solving intricate problems for complex teams. Specialized in building and running product demonstrations for clients, before this, Rafael was a Cloud and DevOps Platform Engineer at Itaú Unibanco, the largest bank in Latam, for over 2 years, where he deepened his expertise in cloud technologies. His tech journey commenced early, specializing in Datadog and AWS during his nearly 2-year stint as a DevOps professional. Based in Brazil, Demasi has consistently progressed in the tech domain, always eager to take on new challenges and technologies.

Joao Batista photo

Joao Batista


I’m a seasoned Product Specialist with a rich background in Electronic Engineering, honed in Florianópolis, Brazil, and London, UK. My journey has spanned across diverse landscapes, including Brazil, the USA, and China, where I’ve been instrumental in developing customer-centric, high-quality products.

My fervor for maintaining unparalleled standards has propelled my extensive involvement with StackSpot AI. Here, I’ve delved deep into the transformative realms of AI, aligning innovative solutions with user-centric approaches to elevate product development and user experience.

I thrive on tackling multifaceted challenges, fostering innovation, and leading multidisciplinary teams to drive value and exceed customer expectations. My career trajectory has evolved, intertwining my technical acumen with a profound passion for business development, where I aspire to forge an exponential career.