Agile + DevOps East 2018 Concurrent Session : Is Your Agile Adoption Moving the Needle?
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Is Your Agile Adoption Moving the Needle?

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Thanks to the revolutionary shift toward a digital society, and the need to respond and innovate, organizations are investing in agile adoption. But has the investment yielded anything more than an agile label? Few organization leaders can produce concrete data to prove that it has, let alone articulate the gains—and we're not talking about story points and velocity, but rather the measures that count and impact the bottom line. After years of banging his head against the wall pushing organizations to become "more agile," Michael McCalla finally got smart and turned his coaching philosophy on its head. He now begins with the desired outcomes driving the adoption and identifies both leading and lagging indicators to gauge whether the change initiative is moving the needle. The approach has evolved into a four-step model that creates alignment and accountability—and, quite frankly, feels more natural. This interactive session will teach you how to apply the outcome measurement model in your organization so you can start changing the conversation.


Lean Agile Intelligence

Michael McCalla is a technology leader, transformation specialist, and avid agile practitioner who has a passion for building great products, strong teams, and valuable business outcomes. He grew up in a number of startups, playing multiple roles and seeing the software development lifecycle through a variety of lenses. Michael has spent the last seven years leading enterprisewide agile adoption initiatives. He has a broad range of experience applying agile to small teams, large distributed teams, and portfolio management. He prides himself on an adaptable coaching approach that uses a blend of agile and lean practices to enable his clients to reach their desired outcomes. Michael has recently launched Lean Agile Intelligence, the industry’s first customizable assessment and measurement platform to assist leaders in measuring the investment in change.