Agile + DevOps East 2020 Concurrent Session : Say What?! Systems Thinking in Software Development @&!?


Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Say What?! Systems Thinking in Software Development @&!?

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P.Senge defines systems thinking as thinking used to analyse patterns in an organisation by looking at it from a holistic view point. In other words, understanding the systems from the inside out and their boundaries, and then implementing the appropriate feedback loops helps to build good solutions. Back in 2018, our team started working on a platform, which enables Users and processes to migrate from on premises to cloud. Our goal was to build a sustainable and intuitive self service platform for the internal customers. A sustainable platform requires a robust DevOps pipeline to ensure reliable, secure, fast and continuous delivery of features, it also requires critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. Our journey of building Platform features and the DevOps pipeline goes hand in hand with all of these things. Join us as we walk through one team’s journey at CapitalOne to start leveraging systems thinking and Lean principles to drive towards our ultimate goal. Not only will you hear about how we got started, but you’ll walk away with a better understanding of some of the advantages and lessons learned we discovered along the way. We will share details on how lean agile concepts were successfully applied to our DevOps pipeline in support of various platform feature development, and how systems thinking contributed all along the way.

Capital One

Maninder Singh has been working in the financial services industry for 16 years and has worn many different hats from Associate Developer to Technical & Delivery Lead in Software & Application development. From humble beginnings as a Java Developer in a waterfall methodology, he quickly transitioned to leading Java/J2EE applications in a large enterprise and from 5+ years delivering large, complex Software Applications in an 100% agile environment with expertise in technologies like Cloud Computing and Big Data. This experience sets him up for success on a wide range of software development methodologies.