Agile + DevOps East 2021 Concurrent Session : Implementing Agile Through Human Transformation & Enhanced Human Experience


Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Implementing Agile Through Human Transformation & Enhanced Human Experience

Organizations implementing agile to drive digital transformation and technological advancement to enhance the digital experience of customers often face challenges from investing more in technology than human capital. While agile is a proven method for improved software development, its hidden power is how implementation transforms how humans think, learn and interact. Company culture is hardest to change in organizational transformations—starting with individuals. When I joined an organization struggling with employees fulfilling responsibilities of the agile roles to implement agile development in order to deliver new technology faster with higher quality, my first step was assessing the agile experience, training and overall satisfaction of the individuals that made up the organization. What challenges are faced during the agile journey? Who has attended agile training with role-based certifications? Is continuous education supported by the organization? Is employee satisfaction measured? Second step was partnering with SMEs providing relevant training and baselining agile knowledge to address employee challenges. The human-centric approach to addressing how individuals learn, interact and provide feedback shifts the focus from processes and tools, leading to new learnings, habits and collaboration with changed behaviors. Conference attendees will leave the facilitated open space topic understanding how focusing on employee satisfaction and professional development encourages a shift in mindset while motivating employees to learn new skills that advance an organization’s agile practices.

Akiya Mumford
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Akiya Mumford is currently a Program Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an industry leader in healthcare insurance. She operates as a Release Train Engineer for the Federal Employee Program Member Experience while supporting the transformation of the organization’s product development practices to improve value, quality, and throughput. Prior to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Akiya was an Agile Delivery Lead at Capital One. There she implemented SAFe Agile Release Trains across Anti-Money Laundering Risk Technology, Credit Card Web and Mobile Technology. She has over 8 years experience in Agile Management with much of that time spent on leading agile transformations and delivering digital products to better service customers. Her first experience with agile was in 2013 when she joined Capital One and led the home loans servicing integration team of software engineers. Akiya has served as Scrum Master, Agile Delivery Lead, Agile Coach, and Release Train Engineer.