Agile + DevOps East 2020 Concurrent Session : Enter the Agile Dojo


Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Enter the Agile Dojo

The dojo is an experiment-rich environment for the team that encourages adding pieces and tools as needed, pushing experimentation, and learning first. What makes this dojo special is how adaptive it can be, considering teams no longer are all collocated. By using simple tools like a good camera, open call, and a free tool to display work, teams can collaborate across the world. The goal of the dojo is fourfold: Improve individuals and interactions, deliver working software, collaborate with customers, and respond to changes quickly. We'll talk about how agility can be applied to various projects—without adding a complex framework. Come learn how distributed teams can attend workshops and be successful together, even while located in separate time zones with minimal time overlap. You'll leave inspired to complete your own dojo, even on a pilot, trial basis.

Thomson Reuters

Christina Ambers is a certified Scrum Master, Agile, and Kanban Coach with over 14 years of experience in software development and team transformations. She leads distributed teams through an Agile Dojo every six weeks, focusing on agile principles and values. In addition, she co-leads her company's Agile Guild. Christina enjoys training others, unlocking agile potential, and inspiring teams to succeed. She is so passionate about agility and lean concepts, she applies them to her everyday life – including sticking to weekly planning sessions with her family, daily check-ins, reviewing & retrospecting the previous week’s activities, creating road maps for vacations, home renovations, and so much more.