Agile + DevOps East 2022 Concurrent Session : Automated Continuous Compliance Testing in the Cloud Age


Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Automated Continuous Compliance Testing in the Cloud Age

Cloud computing is becoming ever more relevant, even in highly regulated industries. As these industries move deeper into the cloud age, compliance and security plays an important part in automated cloud deployment. However, compliance testing is usually left up to manual processes or monitoring tools scanning software solutions that have already been deployed to a given cloud environment. By sharing my story of how I built and distributed an automated continuous compliance test framework for software teams in Novo Nordisk, I hope to inspire the listeners to think about how they can integrate compliance testing into their cloud deployment processes in an agile way. Hereby shift compliance testing to the left and run automated compliance tests before anything is deployed to development and test environments in the cloud.

Key Takeaways will include: an understanding of the importance of early compliance testing cloud solutions; an understanding of the benefits of automated compliance testing; and a technical walk-through of a proven approach to automated continuous compliance testing.


Novo Nordisk

Michael Lund started his agile journey in Quality Assurance working with software testing and automation. Since then, he has worked as a software developer and DevOps Engineer in the HealthCare Industry. Michael is now a Senior Cloud Automation Architect and his expertise is to listen to the needs of his stakeholders and translate those needs into effective and impactful automation solutions. His goal is to empower his stakeholders and provide them with compliance transparency in their automated cloud deployment projects